The whats and whys of the Apprenticeship Levy

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Apprenticeship Levy 2017

Since its grand unveiling in the summer of 2016, the upcoming Apprenticeship Levy has caused quite the stir amongst small businesses the country over.

Coming into action on 6 April 2017, the levy will require all businesses with a wage bill of over £3 million to contribute 0.5% of their yearly bill to a pot aimed at funding three million places for apprentices by 2020.

The levy has been largely well received by small businesses, many of whom will benefit from Government-funded apprenticeships without the extra burden of paying into the pot.

Make sure you stay ahead of the curve with this handy Government guide on what the new year’s apprenticeship levy will mean for your business. Coming into action on 6 April 2017, this guide gives a comprehensive look at the nitty gritty of how the levy will affect your SME in the coming years.

Click through for an in-depth look at the Government’s vision for apprenticeships in 2020: https://www.wearegrowth.co.uk/services/govuk/apprenticeships-in-england-the-vision-for-2020/?dm_i=2ZM2,D45E,4OEWGM,1B3LY,1