The ‘Entrepreneur’s Godmother’ waves her magic wand for Growth Hub members

There’s no instruction manual that comes with starting a business, and often there’s so much to do it can seem overwhelming. Luckily, help is at hand from ‘the Entrepreneur’s Godmother’, Alison Edgar. Elected as one of the UK’s top ten business advisors, Alison offers courses that draw on her experience, advice and a lot of encouragement to provide a roadmap that helps navigate new businesses towards success.

Exclusively available to readers of the Growth Hub blog, Alison is offering her ‘Guide to Starting a Business’ course for FREE. Click here to access the course and add code ‘woehub’ at checkout to remove the cost.

What does the course cover?

  1. How to find the right idea for your business
  2. How to test your idea quickly to see if there’s a market for it
  3. How to identify and target the right market for your business
  4. Setting the right kind of goals
  5. How to start marketing your product or service
  6. How to start using social media to promote your product or service
  7. Pricing what you do
  8. Building a brand
  9. Turning your goals into plans
  10. Testing your business model works

It also covers practical things around funding, legal issues and accountants.


Jennifer Corcoran

Goodbye Imposter Syndrome!

I loved Alison's course 'The Guide to Starting a Business'. From the off Alison is warm, personable and highly engaging. She delivers essential business knowledge in a genuine, no nonsense approach in bite sized digestible chunks. I would encourage any startup to check out this course as I'm left feeling inspired, motivated, informed and most important of all READY. Bye bye imposter syndrome and fear. Hello entrepreneurship and here is to reframing fear as feeling excited and ready!

Serrie Chapman


Well thought through. Clear, concise and to the point. Great support documentation and ask some very relevant questions.