On Cloud Nine



Online technology has drastically changed the way we do business over the last decade. While most companies had already made the inevitable transition from traditional methods of filing in dusty cabinets to using computer hardware to store their documents, the introduction and growth of The Cloud in the last decade has irreversibly altered the way businesses choose to store and share their company data.

The Cloud is an online data storage unit that benefits users in a variety of ways, ranging from the collection of consumer data to provide information about audience demographics, to analysing trends and measuring rates at which products are purchased online.

One of the cloud’s most attractive features – especially for the majority of small-business owners and Growth Hub members – is its flexibility. Employee collaboration is made simpler in the fast paced and ever-changing business environment of today, with instant access to local files and seamless sharing across networks that in turn boosts the potential of business partnerships and innovation. Cloud servers are also accessible from device myriad of devices, meaning no more rushing to boot up a desktop computer or lugging around laptops.

Sitting as the beating heart of the UK’s technological renaissance in the Silicon Gorge, West of England Growth Hub members have nigh-on unrivalled access to the infrastructure and support needed to truly modernise.

Growth Hub support provider Smith & Williamson offer proactive advice in helping you choose, implement and maintain a cloud ecosystem – all from their Bristol office. Similarly, Dunkley’s – a support provider and Bristol-based accountancy firm – can help revolutionise a business’s finances in a secure, accurate way through making the shift to an online system.

As the region continues along its trailblazing path of technological innovation, it’s clear that the role of the cloud in local businesses will only become more prominent – and Growth Hub support providers are proving key in paving the way.