It's all about time

Employment and Skills

There are only 28,800 seconds in the average working day and that never seems to be enough.

How many times have you stressed over this and ended up either working longer hours or feeling guilty because something hasn’t been done.

It’s a common problem. With IT enabling us to work from anywhere at any time, the temptation to spend more time working to complete the day’s tasks is great.

Below are a few tips to help you prioritise your workload and get your work/life balance… more balanced.

1 - Plan your day 

Spend 15 minutes at the end of each day planning what you are going to do tomorrow and do it in this order:



2 - Email 

Turn off notifications and allocate time to check your email box several times a day. There is always a temptation to check and reply to emails as soon as an alert comes through. This can interrupt your train of thought and make the carrying out of tasks take longer. Prioritise emails to be dealt with later as described above.


3 - Be realistic 

Often the deadlines we set ourselves are unrealistic. They may have been realistic when they were first set, but deadlines need to reviewed as time progresses. I was once told that a deadline was set in stone. My reply was, ‘so were the 10 commandments, but it didn’t stop people breaking them.


4 - Be open to help 

Most owners of small businesses didn’t set out to be managers. They had a great idea and it snowballed. Look to get help by outsourcing recruitment, marketing, accounts and admin.


5 – Do not disturb 

We are all too polite. One of the biggest draws on our time is other people constantly interrupting us.  Not only do we then put everything on hold to satisfy their priorities, but it also interrupts our train of thought leading to our own tasks taking longer. It is perfectly acceptable to tell others that you are not to be disturbed. Here are some suggestions: