Invest in Staff Training and Skills

Employment and Skills

Gone are the days where people remain in one job for their entire life. In fact, 2012 research from the Bureau of Labour Statistics found that on average individuals will only work a maximum of five years for one company. And more worrying still? Millennials are expected to stay for as little as three.

These statistics prove why it’s important to invest in your staff and engage with their career ambitions by offering them the opportunity to adopt transferable skills that they can use across a range of sectors.

Extending the skill set of your staff is vital to business growth as any knowledge gained by the individual is fed directly back into the success of the company. Young people entering the work force are increasingly prioritising workplace happiness, finding it a valuable incentive to join companies who value their personal development and help them advance in their career portfolio.

By dedicating both time and money to better the opportunities available to staff, there is direct emphasis placed on the values of your company and shows that your business is actively interested in the wellbeing of your employees.

Growth Hub has several service providers who offer training and development courses, with a range of prices. One such provider is HR Dept (Bristol) Ltd.

This specialised company is dedicated towards the development of your employees, turning them into top performers who will help your business to flourish. Adjustments and improvements on all levels of seniority will have a direct effect on your business turnover.

As some businesses are strong where others are weak, HR Dept Bristol will work closely with your staff to understand your needs and create a tailor-made training programme for your business.

There is an extensive level of support on offer, including: HR management; business administration; recruitment; appraisal; leadership and people management; customer service; communication and delegation skills. The HR Dept Bristol programme can help your business to fill in the gaps that hinder your progress.

For more information, please visit: https://www.wearegrowth.co.uk/services/hr-dept-bristol-ltd/c