Starting a Business Step 8 - Statutory Regulations

All businesses need to comply with local and national statutory regulations. These apply to the following areas:

By clicking on the links above you will be taken to Better Business for All (BBfA) service pages on the Growth Hub. Here you will find all the information you need to ensure your business is compliant.

Better Business for All

BBfA is part of a national government initiative to reduce the regulatory burden on business by: building a relationship between business and regulators; highlighting the benefits of regulations; and encouraging more businesses to seek advice without fear of enforcement activity. In building such a partnership, a better way of working can be established, based on trust, which is mutually beneficial to all.

Better Business for All seeks to:

Better Business for All recognises that businesses that comply with regulations can be at a commercial disadvantage if a rigorous enforcement approach is not taken with non-compliant businesses. It is important that regulators are consistent and continue to take enforcement action when necessary in a fair and transparent way. This ensures both a level playing field for businesses as well as public protection.

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Better Business for All - details regarding how BBfA works

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