Seven Ps of Marketing - Physical Evidence

Consider how the physical elements of your business look to the customer.

First impressions count.

Sometimes we forget that second, third, fourth and fifth impressions count too.

Make sure your buildings are well maintained.

It's important that your buildings look inviting to the customer. Clear car parks of litter and weeds to make them look more presentable.

The interior of your premises should be clean and tidy.

This includes offices that may not necessarily be visited by customers. Temperature control is also important especially if customers are going to spend a large amount of time in your building. Make sure toilets are spotless, well maintained and checked regularly.

Your premises should be easily navigable.

Take into consideration those with physical disabilities. Ensure that once inside your building customers can easily find what they are looking for.

Make sure your people are well presented.

This doesn't necessarily mean that everyone has to wear a uniform, but staff should look friendly and approachable.

Any vehicles should be well-maintained and clean.

Your vehicles, especially if branded, are an advertisement for your company. Customers will think twice contacting a business if their vans are covered with dirt or rust.Badly maintained vehicles do not inspire confidence.

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