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The Local Enterprise Partnership’s Professional Services Sector Group is a highly effective network representing the interests of companies employing 52,700 people in professional services, finance, banking, share dealing, ethical finance and insurance – those involved include Lloyds Banking Group, DAS Legal Expenses, Hargreaves Lansdown, Canada Life, Computershare Investment Services, NatWest Insurance.

The Local Enterprise Partnership’s Sector Groups bring together business people from companies of all sizes across the supply chain to find ways to support businesses in their sector to grow and add value. Sector Groups deal directly with key concerns such as access to road networks, skills, broadband, bidding for and influencing public funding and investments. Sector Groups are open to anyone in the sector interested in assisting the sustainable growth of local businesses.

Some key facts about the West of England's Professional Services sector:

•89% growth in productivity since 2000
•11% of the total workforce
•2,000 new jobs since 2008
•Academic centres of excellence offering high quality, globally renownowned teaching and training

Professional Services sector: Chris Bull


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