Bristol Technology and Engineering Academy

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The Bristol Technology and Engineering Academy specialises in engineering and environmental technologies. Find out more about how they can help you meet skills shortages within your business.

Employers are fundamental to UTCs. They play a central role in UTCs right from the very beginning to identify business needs and the skills shortages in the local region. This shapes the technical specialisms of the UTC and ensures it meets the needs of local employers.

What do employers do?

Employers influence the teaching and learning that students receive, provide leadership in the structure of the curriculum and endorse the qualifications offered at a UTC. They also:

  • work with teachers to create employer projects that focus on real-life challenges and are relevant to industry

  • give students high-quality and relevant work experience

  • support and mentor students, guiding them on career routes and options

  • nominate governors to direct the leadership of the UTC

  • provide access to their facilities to inspire and inform students

  • ensure that the curriculum gives students the hard and soft skills they need in the workplace.


Employer responsibilities employed contracts

Employer responsibilities and tax obligations for employed contracts

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