Student Placements

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Student Placements are built into degree programmes to give students practical experience related to their studies.

Cost Explanation: UWE Bristol will help you to recruit placement students for free, though you will need to pay your student a fair wage. The majority of sandwich placements offer a salary of between £13,000 and £16,000 per annum.

Student Placements offer a low risk, cost-effective recruitment solution where you gain high quality staff without making a long-term commitment. The scheme is an ideal way to recruit a motivated, intelligent employee with excellent IT skills and up-to-date sector knowledge.

The length of a placement can vary between a few days to a full academic year. Placements are usually, but not always, paid and are assessed by the University as part of the programme of study. In some degree programmes, placements are compulsory; in others they are optional.

Students on a sandwich placement can join your team for an academic year, usually between the second and third years of their degree course. Placement students can provide temporary cover, add new skills to your workforce, or offer additional resource to focus on a specific project.

Employers are required to provide ongoing support and a mentor for the placement student. If you want to expand into new markets, UWE have a diverse range of overseas students who can offer relevant language skills and experience of other cultures.


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