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Apprenticeships bring in the skills and talent businesses needs to flourish. Regardless of the size and nature of the enterprise, Apprenticeships will contribute to a company's success. SWAC can help you source and host apprentices within your business.

Cost Explanation: Apprentices are no different to any other employee you have. They have a job description, contract of employment, holiday and sick pay entitlements and pension rights. However, because they are undertaking an Apprenticeship through an approved provider, different rules govern what they are legally entitled to be paid. More information of wage bands, National Insurance contributions and administration fees can be provided from SWAC

Apprenticeships bring in the skills and talent businesses needs to flourish and regardless of the size and nature of the enterprise, the will contribute to a company's success.

  • They are precisely tailored to meet business requirements and develop capable and committed employees as well as ensuring that your workforce has the skills and qualifications it needs both now and in the future.
  • Apprenticeships are the ideal way to attract talented and enthusiastic people into your business.
  • They reduce staff turnover and increase employee motivation and performance.
  • Apprentices tend to be flexible, loyal employees who make companies more effective, productive and competitive

SWAC offer bespoke packages, all designed to take the hassle out of the process of recruiting an apprentice.  Their most popular 3 services are include:

The Hosting Model 

The reason this service appeals to employers is that it simplifies the recruitment process and removes risk. SWAC successfully matched and placed over 500 apprentices via this route. They'll identify the most appropriate framework for the skills required and once the job description is agreed, advertise on the National Apprenticeship Service website and on the SWAC website as well as other appropriate job boards. 

All applicants are screened to determine their suitability for the role and their eligibility for funding. Successful applicants are interviewed by SWAC (suitability interview by phone and then face-to-face) and shortlisted for you to interview and select your ideal candidate 

SWAC employs the apprentice on your behalf and pays them weekly through our apprentice payroll system. Employment law for apprentices is quite complex and demanding, particularly for small businesses. By employing the apprentice directly and placing them with you, SWAC remove this burden from you. They'll invoice you every 4 weeks and collect in advance by direct debit fortnightly, reconciling any sickness and overtime at the end of the invoice period. 

You'll have the freedom to evaluate your apprentice’s progress during the suitability period; you are able to assess your apprentice and feedback to SWAC if you would like a different apprentice to be placed with you. Your apprentice will also have a dedicated Learner Account Manager who will offer them support personalised to their individual needs and encourage them to reach their true potential. 

The Recruitment Model 

Alternatively, you could opt to employ your apprentice directly. SWAC will provide the recruitment service but the apprenctice would be included in your company payroll.  Support includes: 

  • Sourcing and matching with suitable training providers
  • Apprentice recruitment, screening and testing
  • Full interviewing and placement matching service

The Apprentice Support Model 

The final option is normally tagged onto the Recruitment Model for those hosts that have not had an apprentice before and really need some support. This could be just for 3 months while the apprentice settles into their role, or throughout the framework, to support their development and help you to manage their performance. Support from SWAC includes: 

  • Support, advice and pastoral support
  • Trouble-shooting and performance management
  • Pre-placement apprentice induction

For more information or to discuss your needs with a member of the team, request a call back.


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