The Practical Consultancy Ltd

For small businesses with big ideas

Helping companies and entrepreneur thrive and achieve their goals

Specialities: Start Ups, Business Planning, Rapid Idea Generation Workshops, Business Viability Reporting, Financial Planning and Advice
Area Served: Bristol, BANES
Founded: 2017

The Practical Consultancy is a Bath based consultancy which specialises in finding real world solutions for business problems. We can help businesses at any stage from helping to formulate an initial idea to help restructure mature companies. Our recent work has included:

- Reviewing a business plan and saving the company from making a £12,000 loss

- Helping an existing business develop and implement new product lines

- Running rapid idea generation workshops for a variety of clients

- Developing a business plan for a religous organisation to open a soft play centre

- Providing coaching and mentoring for a young person starting a business

We have an excellent team including a Management Consultant specialising in Business Change and Transformation and a Management Accountant with over 30 years of experience in a variety of practices and on many different projects. Between us we can really help businesses reach there potential by tailoring everything in our tool kit to their requirements.


Rapid Planning Workshop

Rapid business model development workshops

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