Social Media Marketing

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That Media Thing provides highly-targeted influencer marketing via social media

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Most marketing campaigns are solely driven by product messaging. That Media Thing focuses on building social audience engagement by enabling brands to say something insightful targeted at the most influential peer groups within their sector. This authentic audience connection draws credible attention towards the product and services on offer.

Crucially, That Media Thing narrowly defines and identifies its social media audience targeting before any money is spent on promotion. Further to this, That Media Thing's data experts constantly analyse engagement, optimising targeting and leveraging greater efficiencies during campaign management, leading to a highly efficient and effective approach.

Reaching out via social media is one thing – reaching out to the right communities with the right content enables brands' spend to work even harder for them.

That Media Thing work with global, national and local clients including Intel, ASUS, Fraedom and Deep Blue Sky.  To find out more about how they can help you to engage with your audience, visit the website or request a call back from the team.


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