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Social Enterprise Works in partnership with the Social Value Business is exclusively offering the Social Value Quality Mark (SVQM) in Bristol and the West of England.

The social value quality mark is the only mark of social value within the UK. It's recognised by the UK cabinet office and is awarded to an organisation in recognition of their commitment, measurement, reporting and embedding of impact and social value.

The SVQM is a way of evaluating and showcasing your organisation’s social impact and value, using an approach that centres and engages directly with your key and most influential stakeholders. It is awarded to organisations who demonstrate to the auditor that they are able to transparently comply with the key stages of social impact and value reporting.

The Social Value Quality Mark has been adopted by some of the most influential and leading local, regional and national public, private and third sector organisations including the UK Cabinet Office; YMCA; Knightstone Housing; UnLtd; and the Social Investment Business. Some of the benefits of the SVQM include:

  • Identifying what is important to stakeholders and adapting as necessary to fulfill these needs
  • Distinguish from competitors and create a competitive edge by demonstrating the added social value of the organization
  • Articulate and demonstrate the additional social value the organization can bring to the delivery of local council contracts
  • Use Social Return on Investment (SROI) research to support organisational strategy, business planning, product and service development and income generation through trading, commissioning, funding and fundraising

As part of the programme, an accredited social value consultant will be allocated to work with the organisation to support them through the key stages, and who will:

  • Review your needs and current progress to compliance and provide the most suitable course of action
  • Set out recommendations and options on how to achieve the compliance and the SVQM in the shortest period
  • Carry out a pre-audit on your current systems for the capture and evaluation of social value
  • Recommend and provide training, mentoring and consultancy to develop internal skills and knowledge within your organisation
  • When ready, carry out the verification process; if evidence is available to confirm the successful achievement to the minimum standard they will award the SVQM in principle
  • If required, carry out the social value review and evaluation
  • The Social Value Business will review the recommendations and award the organisation the SVQM for a period of 2 year


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