Root cause investigation coaching

Learn from accidents, incidents and quality failures

Cost: Fees apply

Silver Moor Business Consulting LLP offer consultancy and training to help you investigate business process failures, accidents and incidents within your business.

Cost Explanation: Subject to client requirements

Identifying and addressing the root causes of incidents and accidents allows corrective action to be taken to prevent them occurring in the future.

Incidents and accidents can be very costly; not just in human terms (through distress and injury caused to those involved) but also financially (as a result of business recovery following the incident and compensation payments). If thorough and unbiased investigations into these incidents are not carried out then similar situations will continue to arise; perhaps with more severe consequences.

Silver Moor Business Consulting LLP use recognised tools & techniques to identify immediate, underlying and root causes and to help generate practical solutions. Many of their tools and techniques can also be used proactively to identify weaknesses in management systems to prevent accident and incidents before they occur.

A range of training courses to develop and maintain the skills and knowledge of your people are also available.

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