Risk Assessment Consultancy (Bow Tie Technique)

Risk assessment to engage your employees

Cost: Fees apply

Silver Moor Business Consulting LLP offer consultancy and training to assess business risks using the Bow Tie Technique.

Cost Explanation: Subject to client requirements

Silver Moor Business Consulting LLP work with your team to help them understand the threats, consequences and control measures and plot these in 'bow tie' models.

The bow tie method creates diagrams that visualise the risk you are dealing with in a single clear picture. It helps to identify where control over a hazard is lost, threats and measures to help control them and highlights consequences and measures to limit the hazards.  The bow tie therefore creates a picture of risk that is easy to understand and for groups to contribute to.

Silver Moor Business Consulting LLP can also provide training on how to apply the method in your workplace.

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