Consultancy - Safety Climate surveys

Understand your business' attitude to safety

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Silver Moor Business Consulting LLP can help you understand the safety culture within your business.

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Silver Moor Business Consulting LLP use a combination of interviews with people at all levels in the organisation, as well as a simple questionnaire to explore your employees' attitudes and perceptions of how safety is managed.

An organisation's 'safety culture' refers to the shared values and beliefs which characterises how safety is perceived and managed. Safety culture is difficult to define and measure, because it includes many intangible factors (rituals, stories and myths) as well as some tangible ones (organisational structures, control systems, stated values).

'Safety climate' is often used to describe the more tangible outputs of an organisation’s safety culture. This may include how people perceive and describe the importance given to safety issues at a particular point in time, and how local arrangements are seen to reflect this. Safety climate can be assessed, through questionnaires and interviews, and can be used as an indicator of safety culture. Whatever industry you work in or the size of your organisation, our safety climate assessment can give you an objective measure of your safety culture.  This can act as the starting point for making improvements.


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