Business problem-solving workshop

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Silver Moor Business Consulting LLP offer problem-solving workshops to help you overcome challenges within your business.

Course overview

Cost Explanation: Subject to client requirements

This workshop from Silver Moor Business Consulting LLP will help you to explore a problem or issue that your business is facing, and find practical solutions using the knowledge and skills of a small group of people.

The workshop will encourage you to:

  • Critically reflect on the true nature of your ‘problem’ and the actions you have taken
  • Draw conclusions from that reflection
  • Apply that learning to create a plan for doing things differently.

Being part of the group offers you:

  • Support and challenge from peers
  • A chance to find creative ways to bring about change
  • A chance to test beliefs and assumptions and learn what works
  • A safe environment to explore new ways of thinking and doing
  • Personal, as well as professional, learning and development
  • Insight into how others achieve different solutions
  • A chance to progress new opportunities and develop new ideas

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