SETsquared Workshop: The evolution of great culture in your business: how to nurture and sustain it as you grow

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The evolution of great culture in your business: how to nurture and sustain it as you grow


Speaker: Martin Shelford, Director & Co-Owner of TEAMango


Participants: The session is aimed at Founders/Leaders within start up and scale up businesses


Developing and sustaining a culture is one of the most crucial aspects in becoming a great company.  Yet culture is often misunderstood, falsified or neglected.  This session will take you on a journey of how to build, evolve and sustain a culture that genuinely represents you, becoming a force-field that helps you to attract, retain and get the most from people.


Will cover:


1) Explore what culture means, why it's important and who does it well.

2) Look at the essential foundations of culture

3) Consider the role of Founders/Leaders in developing and sustaining great culture

4) Provide some useful take-aways and tools to aid the development and nurturing of your own company culture


Learning objectives:


To develop a broadened understanding of what it takes to establish and nurture a culture that truly represents you and your business.  Get comfortable with your role in sustaining great culture, and explore different methods to ensure the people who work for you live and breathe your culture always.


Martin's Bio: 

Martin Shelford is the co-owner of TEAMango, a team who passionately believe that people make all the difference in business.  With close to 20 year's experience in Senior Leadership/Director positions across a number of industries, and specialisms in Ops, Leadership, Strategy and Change, Martin has learned over the years how best to inspire and empower people to deliver stretching goals in a sustainable and continually evolving way.




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