SETsquared Workshop: Risk Management for Tech Startups

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Risk Management for Tech Startups


Speaker: Nic Gwynn, Account Executive

at Hayes Parsons Insurance Brokers



Risk Management is part of our daily lives, whether it is deciding to wear a bike helmet on your daily commute, or whether you undertake a new activity at work, we make hundreds of risk management decisions each day.


The workshop will look at the various categories of risk that your organisation faces, and review the principals to help you face those risks. The workshop will reference the 3 main headlines of Risk Management, AVOID, TRANSFER, MANAGE,  and how this work in practice.


The workshop will be hosted by Nic Gwynn, Account Executive and part owner at Hayes Parsons Insurance Brokers, who has over 20 years of providing risk management and insurance advice to businesses of all shapes and sizes.




This event is aimed at members of SETsquared who own or manage a business, and are looking for a basic overview of Risk Management and what insurances they require.



Risk management – Avoid, Tranfer, Manage

The Workshop will start with a brief theory of Risk Management, looking at the types of risk faced by an organisation.

This will be followed by some standard Risk Management Techniques, to help an organisation manage the risks they face. This will include a brief introduction to insurance including legal requirements for any business.

The session will finish with a group discussion on some specific risks faced by the delegates, and look at the techniques discussed, and how they can be used to manage these risks



  • To understand the risks faced by your organisation
  • Techniques you can use to manage the risks identified
  • Understand the statutory insurance requirements of your organisation
  • Understand available insurance covers, and how they help protect your organisation

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