SETsquared Workshop: How to lean into building an effective B2B brand for business success

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How to lean into building an effective B2B brand for business success


Speaker: John Doré - Brand and Communications Consultant, Coach, Mentor, Entrepreneur.

Organisation: (Part time Strategy Director) at Design agency Bravedog.


John has over 20+ years senior experience working with large international agencies in London working on some of the leading global B2B and consumer brands such as Intel, Cisco, Nissan, and Carlsberg Group.

More recently John has been consulting with small independent agencies (such as Bravedog) and start up clients providing brand and communications support as they grow.

For this workshop John will explore some of the key aspects for building a strong and effective B2B brand and reviewing research that gives a view on how best to balance between B2B brand and lead generation investment to achieve business success, taking learnings from the B2C industry. 

The workshop is aimed at B2B start up Founders, CEO and Entrepreneurs that currently do not employ a marketing or brand expert and are looking to accelerating business growth. 

1. Introduction
2. Why brand is important for B2B brands and what can we learn from B2C?
3. Exploring the key aspects of building a B2B brand (Purpose|Customer|Proposition|Identity/Storytelling)
4. Group discussion on individual brand development and challenges/learnings
5. B2B Brand effectiveness research review
6. Summary and Q&A

Learning Objective

Participants will be able understand the importance of their brand in a B2B world to drive business success and learn some valuable exercises to apply to their own business and engaging their staff to elevate their brand, internally and externally.


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