SETsquared Workshop: How do startups play chess - A strategic guide to fundraising

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SETsquared Workshop: How do startups play Chess - A strategic guide to fundraising   


Speaker: David Fogel - Co-founder and investment lead at ADV


Workshop overview: The workshop will provide a glimpse into the venture ecosystem, what investors are thinking about when looking at startups and how best prepare to raise funds for your next raise. It will give practical and tangible advice to founders on how to find the best investors for your business.


Participants: Founders and CEOs of Tech startups looking to raise money  



•Introduction to David and ADV?

•The rules of the game > What type of company are you - How do Investors think 

•How to train and prepare - What do you need to prepare and how to prepare it 

•Playing the Game - The process of approaching investors

•Winning is finding a partner - how to close a deal 

•How to avoid “Oh No' moments - mistakes to avoid



David Fogel Bio:


David's focus is on finding the most ambitious founders in the UK and helping them grow with ADV’s capital and network to build generation-defining tech companies.


David's career started in the Israeli Navy as Head of Missile Defence Systems. David then moved to civilian life, building B2B software products [Telco and Fintech]. He worked at an accelerator and early-stage VC in Spain and spent three years doing M&A and strategy innovation across Europe, Asia, and the US. Before joining ADV David spent two and a half years heading up acceleration at Wayra, Telefonica’s early-stage investment arm.


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