SETsquared Workshop: Elevator Pitch

Cost: Mixed

SETsquared Workshop: Elevator Pitch

Speaker: Greville Commins, Entrepreneur in Residence


This workshop is compulsory for SETsquared companies who would like to pitch at this year's SETsquared Tech-Xpo in June (more details coming soon).  Book for the Tech-Xpo pitch selection panel separately and for a pitch practice session with an Entrepreneur-in-Residence. All pitching companies must also exhibit at Tech-Xpo.


Another top-class workshop, presented by SETsquared's Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Greville Commins, bringing years of experience of pitching to investors, corporates and stakeholders.


Your Elevator pitch is a basic business skill you need to help you take advantage of every chance encounter or phone conversation where you have 60 seconds to convey your proposition.


This workshop helps you distil your entire business proposition into a 60 second 'elevator pitch'.


There will be plenty of time to practice and develop your pitch in this session.


Delegates: Open to anyone who needs to improve their skills in presenting their business in a time constrained environment.


Outcomes: The attendee will know how to refine key messages, build a template for an elevator pitch and leave with some experience of delivering a pitch.


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