SETsquared Workshop: Efficient Marketing Communications – how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle your Marketing Content.

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SETsquared Workshop: Efficient Marketing Communications – how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle your Marketing Content. 


Speakers: Heather Macdonald Tait, Founder WHY Communications


Workshop Overview:

In this workshop, participants will learn how not to waste time and money on unnecessary marketing communications, where to focus their efforts and how to make the most of the marketing assets they have. They will learn how to make a strategic approach to marketing communications so that each and every activity is able to justify the effort and cost it requires, matching it to a corporate objective.   


Participants: Founders, C-Level, Marketing and/or HR managers



  • Introductions
  • Your brand – the difference between personality and values and how these are reflected in your marketing.
  • Reducing your marketing communications effort – are your marketing materials doing more harm than good?
  • Reusing marketing materials – how to produce materials which you can use time and time again, saving time, effort and money.
  • Recycling marketing – how to transform old marketing content to keep it fresh and make it pay for itself all over again.
  • Putting it into practise. How to build a plan. 


Learning objectives:

Participants will leave the workshop with the tools and knowledge to develop their own communications strategy and content to meet their business objectives. They will be able to streamline existing activities, stop wasting resources and ensure that their content reflects both their brand values and personality.   


Heather Macdonald Tait Bio:

Heather has over 15 years of in-house deep-tech marketing experience in start-ups, scale ups and corporate organisations. Most recently, she spent 4 years at Ultrahaptics, where she was responsible for marketing and corporate communications. She has since founded WHY Communications to help young companies communicate with multiple audiences more effectively.  


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