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Regen SW offer a range of advisory services which will help you to better understand market dynamics so that you can capitalise on the growth of the sustainable energy, respond to policy changes and unlock market opportunities.

In the south west Regen SW have unrivalled information and connections. Their team of analysts draw together the knowledge and data they hold in their Geographical Information System combined with intelligence from a team of experts working on the ground, to bring valuable insights to business.

Their services include:

Grid Solutions: Regen SW work with DNOs and clients to facilitate innovative solutions to secure cost effective grid connections.

Communitity Involvement: Help to deliver effective community engagement plans to minimise risk to any projects.

Feasibility and financial modelling: from basic resource assessments to complex financial comparisons, Regen SW can help you to clarify your opportunities, identify practical solutions and build a business case for investment.

Recruitment and local contracting: If you are looking to maximise the local content of your supply chain, demonstrate local capabilities, or recruit local personnel, Regen SW have a range of services.  These include an online company directory and jobs advertising pages and meet the buyer events.

Market entry and influence: Policy environment insights, bespoke market analysis and lobbying.

Programme and fund management:  Regen SW has a high level of expertise in large programme delivery and can also support with community benefit funds to enable national developers to spend them as effectively as possible, with as wide a benefit to both the developer and the community.





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