Business Needs Assessment - Software & App development

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If you are looking for new or bespoke software and applications to support your business functions, Nozey Parkers can help you decide on the best option and help you implement it.

Cost Explanation: Subject to client requirements. Free initial consultation

Choosing software packages can be a tough decision.  Many (if not most) businesses invest in software packages yet fail to exploit them. Some spend considerable sums on ‘add-on’ modules or expensive consultancy when, with a little more knowledge or simple modifications, the base software can do the job very efficiently.

Nozey Parkers have in-depth knowledge and practical experience of many common accounting packages and their associated add-ons, plus stock control software, sales order processing, fixed assets, job costing, logistics and payroll.

They'll help you to find the most cost-effective and straightforward solutions for your business and enlighten you on the real pros and cons of different solutions.  If required, they can help specify and implement the most appropriate packages and support staff training and up-skilling.


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