European CR&D Opportunities

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Range of European CR&D Opportunities - funded and part funded

A example list of European CR&D project opportunities includes (as at 08/12/2015):

  • NMBP-23-2016: Advancing the integration of Materials Modelling in Business Processes to enhance effective industrial decision making and increase competitiveness
  • PILOTS-01-2016: Pilot lines for manufacturing of materials with customized thermal/electrical conductivity properties
  • FOF-03-2016: Zero-defect strategies at system level for multi-stage manufacturing in production lines
  • FOF-04-2016: Continuous adaptation of work environments with changing levels of automation in evolving production systems
  • MG-2.2-2016: Development, production and use of high performance and lightweight materials for vessels and equipment
  • NMBP-24-2016: Network to capitalise on strong European position in materials modelling and to allow industry to reap the benefits
  • NMBP-08-2016: Affordable weight reduction of high-volume vehicles and components taking into account the entire life-cycle
  • LCE 13 - 2016: Solutions for reduced maintenance, increased reliability and extended life-time of wind turbines/farms subject to contract.

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