ML Enterprise - Raising Finance

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ML Enterprise can help you with raising any finance you need for your business.

Cost Explanation: Free initial consultation

Whether you are just starting out or want to expand a more established business, ML Enterprise are experienced in raising any finance you need to take the next step. They will review your position and give you objective, realistic advice to help you make decisions about the most effective and affordable way forward.

Options could include raising finance yourself through an overdraft, loan or mortgage or you may need assistance from external sources including banks and other financial institutions, venture capitalists, business “angels” or government-backed schemes.

ML Enterprise can help by:

  • Considering your business circumstances, including any existing financial arrangements
  • Help you to prepare a persuasive funding proposal and comprehensive business plan, including cash flow and profit forecasts
  • Help to identify the most appropriate sources for your circumstances
  • Support you during negotiations and assist in structuring deals to optimise tax and other benefits
  • Review your financial arrangements and identify opportunities to reorganise on more favourable terms, to improve your cash flow, working capital and liquidity

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