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Whether you are starting a business and need help with choosing the right structure or just find the world of tax and VAT confusing, Lite Tax offer a range of finance and tax planning to support your business.

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Services from Lite Tax include:

Business Commencement

If you are starting a new business, it can be confusing to know which type of structure is right for you.  Lite Tax can assist you with the correct registration, structure and advice because and ensure you get it right first time for business and tax purposes. They aim to make the business registration process as easy as possible and will ensure that you stay on track and avoid fines from your local authority for not meeting your deadlines.

Personal and Corporation Tax

If you need help you to understand corporation and personal tax and where it applies - from salary to dividends and offsetting relevant business costs - Lite Tax will ensure that you are as efficient as possible and maximise your savings.


It can be costly to get payroll or auto-enrolment wrong.  Lite Tax can help you manage your payroll and auto-enrolment processes through outsourcing and ensure that you save money when it comes to end of year submission to HMRC.


For most organisations the VAT return is a quarterly bugbear that has to be done. You may not even know whether your business should be registered for VAT or how to claim it back.  Lite Tax will help you to understand VAT, the registration process and the various options for recovering VAT.  They'll find a solution that works for your business and saves you time and money.

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