Management of Risk (MoR®)

Cost: £1,295.00

Management of Risk (M_o_R®) is designed to give all levels of manager a framework for risk management. It covers all aspects from designing policy and strategy to dealing with opportunities and threats in business as usual. It covers the tools required to deliver business objectives, improve service delivery and achieve value for money.

The module uses a comprehensive, specially written manual, together with a mixture of lectures, demonstrations and tutorial exercises constructed to aid the understanding of the framework, principles and themes. There is also a minimum of 20 hours structured pre-module preparation which must be under taken prior to arrival. Delegates should also come prepared to undertake approximately 2 hours of work each evening.

MoR is aimed at anyone who may be joining or currently working within projects, programmes or business. It is designed to take managers to a competent level of understanding and application of risk in the organisation and running of business.

The MoR course will boost delegates’ confidence in approaching risk management.

In a world full of rapidly changing environmental and market conditions the ability to make informed decisions with regard to risk in those environments is essential. Managing risk in any organisation requires processes and procedures to drive a culture of measured risk-taking in support of the business objectives to allow the development of opportunities and the management of any threats. It is becoming increasingly necessary for all potential middle and senior managers to have a reasonable understanding of how this level of risk management works.

The Foundation examination requires three days of formal instruction and runs from Monday to Wednesday.

The Practitioner examination runs for a further day on Thursday.  The Practitioner exam is carried out on Friday morning. Delegates must have achieved a 50% pass in the Foundation exam to be eligible to sit the Practitioner exam.

The fee includes the cost of the Foundation and Practitioner examinations and also the official TSO MoR manual.

  • Risk Management Principles
  • Management of Risk
  • Approach – Strategy, Policy, Process Guide
  • Process – Identify, Assess, Plan, Implement, Communicate
  • Embedding and reviewing
  • Techniques & Tools
  • Documentation
  • Health Check
  • Maturity Models
  • Risk Management perspectives – Strategic, Programmes, Project, Operational
  • Risk Specialisms

If you're interested in taking only the Foundation or Practitioner exam please call for more details and prices on 0117 949 1500