Fit For Work

Free, expert and impartial occupational health advice for all


Fit for Work is a free government-led initiative that helps businesses improve productivity and profitability through effective management of long-term sickness absence.

There are two elements to Fit for Work:

  • Free, expert and impartial work-related health advice via the Advice Hub and telephone line (0800 032 6235).
  • Referral to an occupational health professional for employees who have been, or who are likely to be, off sick for four weeks or more. 

The benefits of Fit for Work: 

  • Employers get access to free work-related health advice and free occupational health assessments for employees who have reached, or are expected to reach, four weeks or more of sickness absence.
  • Employees return to work sooner so the costs of sickness absence are reduced.
  • Employers get a tax exemption on payments of up to £500 (per year, per employee) on medical interventions recommended by Fit for Work.

 For more information on how Fit for Work can help your business, visit www.fitforwork.org, call 0330 221 0280 or request a call back.


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