Bid consultancy

Bid strategy and contract retention specialists

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Bid support consultancy: bid writing, management, workshops and advisory services

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Our specialist bid support services help businesses find public sector contracts that are released to tender, bid for them and win them. We also help businesses retain existing contracts when these come up for rebid.

Our services include:

  • Market analysis that identifies the right markets where businesses can most successfully bid for contracts;
  • Opportunity search that helps businesses identify the right opportunities for their business growth strategy;
  • Pre-bid advice that helps businesses prepare a compelling bid in advance of a known future opportunity so that the business can 'hit the ground running' on bid release;
  • Expert bid writing and bid management resource for businesses that need help to write or manage their bid;
  • Experienced 'critical friend’ support, reviewing clients' own bid responses before submission to fine-tune and improve them for higher marks at evaluation;
  • Strategic bid advice that improves a business's competitive advantage in their bid;
  • Outcome turnaround, working with businesses to identify the reasons for failed bids to help them overcome failure; and
  • Group bid skills workshops and one-to-one mentoring to break down barriers that prevent businesses from bidding; develop enhanced bid writing skills; and improve bid strategy, confidence and win rates.


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