Protecting your Business

Protecting your Business


Business protection insurance helps to protect a business against financial losses in the event of the death or critical illness of owners or their employees.

Too many businesses overlook the protection of their most important assets: their owners and their key people. The death or critical illness of a business owner or key person can sometimes spell the end of the company and its income – this applies to all businesses, whether it’s a partnership, limited liability partnership, company, or even a sole trader. All of these trading entities are likely to have an individual, or individuals, crucial to its continuing activities and prosperity.

Business protection is often seen as a complicated area but with advice and support from Futures Protected it doesn’t have to be.  Breaking down the potential risks into three parts allows the picture to become clearer of how your business could be affected and any action that you might need to take.


Employer responsibilities employed contracts

Employer responsibilities and tax obligations for employed contracts

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