The Power of the Hashtag - Instagram Marketing for SME's

Cost: Free

Instagram- It's the platform on the rise, yet most businesses are still trying to get to grips with how exactly it aids their marketing efforts. They post regular pictures, utilise some hashtags and even try Instagram live here and there! However the customer engagement and interaction is still minimal. Throughout this workshop we will explore the ways in which you can use Instagram to its full potential; to encourage engagement and develop your overall brand. 

We'll look at:

  • Understanding Instagram as a marketing tool
  • The Power of the Hashtag
  • Knowing your target audience and how to reach them
  • Communicating your brand
  • Inspiring engagement, not just likes
  • Creating your Instagram content plan.

Please be advised that while the workshop is free of charge, we will ask you to fill in a registration form and session feedback form. GetSet for Growth is a fully funded program set up to support entrepreneurs and these bits of paperwork enable us to track our progress, measure our impact and continue providing you free services.

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