Customer Decisions; Your Consumer Buying Behaviours and Why They Matter

Cost: Free

If someone was to ask you why your customers choose to buy with you, do you think you could tell them the answer? 

For businesses to truly understand their customers it's imperative that they can understand both the 'why' and 'how' of their buying decisions. Within this seminar we will explore the consumer psychology behind why our customers buy, and the decision process they undertake whilst doing so. 

In this seminar, we look at:

  • The Value of Your Customers
  • The 'Buyer Decision Process'
  • Customer Motivations to Buy
  • The Types of Buyers You Have
  • Considerations for Your Business

Please do note, the content of this workshop is delivered on the basis that you have a strong understanding of exactly who your customers are. If you are still developing this understanding then we would advise that you attend our 'Marketing Strategies for Growth' workshop prior to attending.

Please also be advised that while the workshop is free of charge, we will ask you to fill in a registration form and session feedback form. GetSet for Growth is a fully funded program set up to support entrepreneurs and these bits of paperwork enable us to track our progress, measure our impact and continue providing you free services.

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