Subsidised ethical trade training for SMEs

Cost: Fees apply

Are you a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME), keen to improve your ethical trade and human rights work but unsure where to direct your efforts?

Or are you looking for support in identifying risk in your supply chain and working out where you can have the most impact?

Through a UK government-funded scheme, you can now get 60-80% discounts on our highly-rated ethical trade training courses and consultancy packages tailored directly to the needs of your business.

Course overview

Length of Course: 1-3 days
Cost Explanation: £ 400 Non-members £ 300 ETI members

Get help to:

  • Develop an ethical trade programme that’s appropriate for your particular sector and size of operation
  • Find out what elements of a human rights due diligence approach work for SMEs
  • Get help to clarify where the biggest risks lie in your supply chain and where you have most leverage
  • Work out which systems and processes you need in place
  • Identify and tackle the risk of modern slavery
  • Learn how to make the best use of the ETI Base Code

We’ll help you get on the right track with a package tailored to your needs. We’ll discuss your priorities and recommend the right approach for your business. This could involve bringing some of your team members onto one of our training courses where they can learn from others facing similar challenges. Or it could involve us developing 1-3 days of workshops delivered to your core team members by our expert trainers.


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