Intellectual Property advice

Cost: Free

Well managed IP will add tangible value to your business and provide you with new revenue streams. Enterprise Europe Network offer free advice and insight to help.

Protecting your product, your individuality and your identity is vitally important when it comes to turning your ideas into commercial reality.

All business should ensure that they are using their legal rights of trademarks, copyright, designs and patents to the very best effect.

If you are concerned that your business or your ideas are not sufficiently well protected, or you are looking for innovative ways to commercially exploit your existing IP then Enterprise Europe Network can help with free expert advice.

Their team of specialists will provide advice and support to help you understand the IP processes necessary to capture the value of your IP, protect you from others wanting to steal your ideas and identify potential new revenue streams for you business.

If you're not sure about your IP status then attend one of our IP clinics to identify issues and opportunities in your current IP strategy and learn how best to protect your business for the future.



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