Tradeshow Access Programme

Department for International Trade

Cost: Free

Find out how DIT's Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP) can help promote your business overseas, and how to apply for financial support.

Cost Explanation: Grant levels may be subject to change. The trade challenge partner will confirm the level of grant available and inform you about any service or management fee charges before you sign up.

The Tradeshow Access Programme provides funding in the form of grants (must be matched by the business’s own expenditure on direct exhibiting costs) for eligible businesses to attend overseas trade shows. The funding helps your business gain:

  • Market knowledge and testing you rproducts for the first time in an international market
  • Support for niche overseas exhibitions
  • Experience in attending and getting the most from overseas trade shows
  • Advice and support from trade experts

For further information on the eligibility criteria, available grant levels and details of how to apply, get in touch.




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