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Cubik Innovation offers a range of embedded system and software services via their team of highly-skilled and experienced engineers

Cost Explanation: Bespoke, subject to client requirements

Embedded software plays a major role in today’s intelligent inter-connected devices and not only gives a product functionality, but versatility and often longevity. Cubik Innovation will work with you to ensure that all requirements are captured and updated as a project progresses and these changes are responded to in a timely fashion. Understanding your complex technical requirements is the first step to ensuring that product meets expectations. However, detailed modular design and testing produces the software quality required for a reliable and extensible delivered product.  Hardware and software are often developed in parallel to meet tight deadlines.

Cubik also offer a range of services for software maintenance for third party products and have experience of consumer as well as industrial products including various technologies:

  • USB
  • GPRS / GSM
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • TCP / IP & Networking
  • GUI Design
  • Open / Closed Loop Control
  • Android
  • iOS
  • PC Applications
  • RS485 / RS232 Serial
  • Wireless Communications

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