Employability Chartermark - for businesses and Education Institutions


The Employability Chartermark is awarded to education institutions and businesses in recognition of their commitment to, investment in, and delivery of work-readiness in young people.

There is a need improve the employability skills of young people entering the labour market – from school, college and university levels. The Employability charter focusses on skills and attributes a young person needs to land their first job.  The Employability Chatermark will help achieve this aim and provide employers of all sizes and capacity across all sectors the opportunity to be recognised for the work they already do or give them the opportunity to engage more within their local community.

For education the Employability Chartermark offers:

  • Recognition to the establishment for its comprehensive committed work in regard to employability
  • Opportunities to work more closely with local and national employers
  • A framework to make a real difference to young people, with measurable outcomes

For businesses the Employability Chartermark offers:

  • Recognition for community engagement or Corporate Social Responsibility
  • A chance to engage more fully with the local community and education
  • An opportunity to influence provision


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