Finance Essentials for Business Owners - Bath

Cost: Free

Finance Essentials for Business Owners

Free of Charge thanks to the European Regional development Fund, Bath and North East Somerset Council and other members of the Enterprising West of England consortium

This event is restricted to business based in Bath and North East Somerset.  If your business is based elsewhere please contact us to discuss how we may be able to help.

If you find business finance and forecasting daunting or want to understand what your bookkeeper or accountant is telling you, this workshop is for you.

During the course of the morning we will explore areas of business finance such as cash flow, profit and loss accounts, forecasting and bookkeeping. With experienced business advisors on hand you will complete simple exercises to help you develop your skills and knowledge so you don't get bamboozled by your accountant, but more importantly so you can manage your business’s finances and understand where you might be able to improve your profitability.

During the second part of the session we will look at what happens if you do not have enough cash in your business and where you might go to raise more, including how to understand what is right for your particular business.

By the end of the workshop you will 

          Have an understanding of simple business financial terminology

          Understand the importance of and difference between cash & profit

          To be able to set up and complete a simple cash flow

          To be able to complete simple bookkeeping tasks & understand the importance of financial record keeping

          To be able to cost & price your product or service

The workshop includes a mix of teaching and working on your own business assisted by business advisers.


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