Coaching Others To Do Their Best - Bath

Cost: Free

Coaching Others To Do Their Best

This event is available free of charge to businesses based in Bath and North East Somerset thanks to the European Regional development Fund, Bath and North East Somerset Council and other members of the Enterprising West of England consortium.

If you are based elsewhere please call us to discuss how else we may be able to help


When it comes to being a leader and a coach, there’s a great quote from Alan Mulally, a retired CEO of Ford.  He once said to his senior management team:

 “We must get back into profit, but I know less than you do, and that’s okay!”

The point here is that your business will grow and so will your people, who will develop the skills your business needs to take it beyond where you started out.  They will become the experts.

Coaching isn’t about you telling your people what to do; it’s about helping them to think for themselves, to take responsibility for their actions, and to learn and develop with your support and feedback.

This workshop explains the rationale for coaching, and why you will get the most from your people when you adopt the role of manager-as-coach.

We begin with the GROW model as a structure for coaching conversations, followed by practising that structure, with the opportunity to coach, to be coached and to observe the conversation.

 We then introduce five more coaching skills:

·         Rapport, the art of observing and mirroring conversational style and body language.

·         Listening that truly demonstrates that you are paying attention to them.

·         Questioning that helps them to create solutions.

·         Feedback which helps them learn and develop, and creates a better culture.

·         Difficult Conversations which need preparation and structure, so as to achieve a constructive outcome and reduced conflict. 

You will then vote on the top two, we delve into those in more depth, and again, you will have the opportunity to practice and learn from fellow delegates.


 The presenter: John Hardwick

 John runs More From Coaching Ltd and supports new and established leaders who want to develop strong and trusting working relationships with their teams, and get results through the efforts of their people. 

He has over 40 years of engineering management, design, R&D, supply chain and leadership coaching & training experience.


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