Excel 2013 Introduction

Cost: Fees apply

This 1 day Excel Training course from ComputerWorld aims to give you an introduction covering basic formulas and functions, as well as setting up and printing spread sheets.

Course overview

Length of Course: 1 Day
Prerequisites: No previous experience of Excel or any other spread sheets is not necessary for this course However, it is assumed that delegates will be comfortable using a mouse and keyboard, and will have experience working in a Windows environment. These skills can be gained on the Introduction to PCs course
Locations: Bristol
Cost Explanation: subject to client requirements

ComputerWorld offer a comprehensive range of courses for IT applications. Some are available as instructor-led courses only, whilst most can be undertaken as a blend of classroom, virtual classroom and/or e-Learning – depending on the subject area.  This course explores Excel 2013 and is designed to give you a better understanding of the basic functionality to help you manage your data more effectively.

Course Outline

Working with Ranges
Working with ranges
Selecting ranges with the keyboard and mouse
Entering values into a range
Creating Simple Formulas

Copying/cutting and pasting data
Using the AutoFill feature
Filling cells
Working with Quick Analysis

Using formulas
Entering formulas
Using the SUM function
Using MAX, MIN, AVERAGE and COUNT functions
Relative and absolute cell references
Creating an absolute cell reference
Copying and Moving Data

Previewing a worksheet
Printing a current worksheet
Printing a selected range
Printing multiple copies
Printing a page range
Using Page Setup

Setting margin and centring options
Changing page orientation
Editing headers and footers
Repeating row and column labels
Scaling a worksheet
Using Page Break Preview
Setting/removing a print area

Using quick Styles
Using number formats
Using the currency, percent and comma style
Changing decimal places
Changing text appearance
Rotating, wrapping & shirking text in a cell
Changing cell alignment & text indent

Creating a default Column Chart
Changing the Chart type
Customising chart colours and fonts

Creating Sparklines
Changing Sparkline type
Customising the Sparkline



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