Excel 2013 Intermediate

Cost: Fees apply

This Excel Intermediate course from Computerworld is the next level up from the Introduction and explores formulas and functions and how to create calculations which span several sheets or books.

Course overview

Length of Course: 1 day
Prerequisites: Each delegate should have attended the Excel Introduction course, or have equivalent working knowledge. This includes how to use cell references in formulas, and using absolute cell references (e.g. $A$1) Please refer to the Excel Introduction outline to see the topics you should be familiar with prior to attending this course.
Locations: Bristol
Cost Explanation: Subject to client requirements

If you have completed the Excel 2013 Introduction or have equivalent working knowledge this course will take your skills to the next level.

Course Outline

Managing Large Worksheets
Comparing data in Rows and Columns
Freeze Panes
Row and Column Hiding
Outline View

Managing Worksheets
Copying worksheets
Moving worksheets
Using grouped worksheets
Moving data between worksheets
Copying data between worksheets
Creating 3-D formulas
Using 3-D ranges in functions

Using Range Names
Working with range names
Jumping to a named range
Assigning names
Using range names in formulas
Creating range names from headings

Using Advanced Functions
Using the VLOOKUP function
Using the HLOOKUP function
Using the IF function
Other useful functions

Using Paste Special
Working with Paste Special
Copying values between worksheets
Copying formulas between worksheets

Dates and Times
Date and Time Functions
Dates in Formulas

Using Conditional Formats
Applying conditional formats
Changing a conditional format
Editing a conditional format rule
Creating a custom format

Using Worksheet Protection
Unlocking cells in a worksheet
Protecting a worksheet
Unprotecting a worksheet
Protecting workbook windows
Unprotecting workbook windows
Assigning a password
Opening a password protected file



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