Excel 2013 Advanced

Cost: Fees apply

This course is designed as a progression from the Excel Intermediate course, and is aimed at teaching the delegate the more advanced topics.

Course overview

Length of Course: 1 Day
Prerequisites: Each delegate should have attended the Excel Intermediate course, or have an equivalent working knowledge. Please refer to the Excel Intermediate outline, to see the topics you should be familiar with prior to attending this course.
Locations: Bristol
Cost Explanation: Subject to client requirements

Course Outline

Using Styles
Cell Styles
Editing styles and Themes

Using Scenarios and Goal Seeking
Using the Scenario Manager
Creating a Scenario
Displaying a Scenario
Editing a Scenario
Creating a Scenario summary report
Using Goal Seek and Solver

Using Data Tables
Using data tables
Placing formulas in data tables
Creating a one-variable table
Creating a two-variable table

Data Manipulation
What is a Table
Inserting a table
Text to Columns
Adding records
Advanced Filtering
Eliminating Duplicate Records
Creating Subtotals

Restricting user Entries
Creating Drop-down lists
Setting entry parameters
Working with Error Alters

Pivot Tables
Creating a PivotTable report
Adding PivotTable report fields
Refreshing a PivotTable report
Formatting a PivotTable report
Drilling down
Creating a Pivot Chart
Using Slicers in Pivot Tables

Recording Macros
Recording a macro
Assigning a shortcut key
Using relative references
Assigning a macro to a menu
Deleting a custom menu item
Deleting a macro


Employer responsibilities employed contracts

Employer responsibilities and tax obligations for employed contracts

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