Bristol & Bath Regional Capital (BBRC)

investing today in the foundations of tomorrow

Bristol & Bath Regional Capital’s (BBRC) ambition is to become a significant and commercially sustainable driving force in the development of the region.

Area Served: Bristol, BANES
Founded: 2015

Bristol & Bath Regional Capital’s mission is to facilitate civic engagement and collaboration to enhance the social, environmental and economic fabric of the West of England by:
- Creating and maintaining broad and effective civic partnership
- Connecting local and external investors with commercial and innovative opportunities
- Offering expert advice and access to civic-led, loan-based finance to commercially viable projects and enterprises

BRBC was founded with support from Bristol City Council, Business West, John Pontin of the Bristol Bond project, The Society of Merchant Venturers, Voscur and many third sector groups. This diverse group of local stakeholders have come together to assist local projects to get off the ground by helping them find sources of finance where they would otherwise struggle.


Civic partnerships and local project investment

Bristol & Bath Regional Capital (BBRC) identifies and facilitates sources of finance within the West of England, while also helping local citizens to raise finance, enriching the stake they hold in th...

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