Foreign Exchange

Cost: fees apply

Bibby's Foreign Exchange service offers easy way to unlock cash and exchange currency, all in one place

Bibby's Foreign Exchange solution allows you to release funds from your unpaid invoices through Invoice Finance and directly convert to the currency of your choice – taking the complexity out of exchanging money. No need to make multiple transactions or wait for bank clearing times.
Benefits of the Foreign Exchange:

  • Release funds from your invoices, exchange to the currency of your choice and Bibby will send to your recipient to almost anywhere in the world
  • Funds can be exchanged and sent to your end recipient on the same day*
  • You have the ability to lock in an exchange rate at today’s price and schedule a payment at that rate for a future time – giving you more control
  • If you need to exchange more funds than are available through your Invoice Finance facility, you can top up or transfer funds from elsewhere
  • Eliminate the need to transact multiple times and keep the money right up until you wish to exchange it – making funds work harder for your business
  • Support when you need it Get access to Foreign Exchange experts

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