Environmental protection

Environmental protection advice


Businesses have a duty of care to ensure that they do not cause short or long-term damage to the environment.
Many business activities are carefully regulated to ensure this doesn't happen.

Furthermore, many businesses have realised that acting in a socially and environmentally responsible way reflects a positive image of the company that can increase the bottom line.

Your local authority’s environmental health department will offer both free advice and chargeable services on a range of environmental issues.

Environmental Protection

It is your legal obligation to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation. Failure to do so could result in enforcement action by your local authority.

Your local Environmental Protection team can help your business by advising on:

  • Regulations and permits. You will need a permit if your business involves any of these activities:
    • Energy - burning fuel, gasification, liquification and refining activities
    • Metals - manufacturing and processing metals
    • Minerals - manufacturing lime, cement, ceramics or glass
    • Chemicals - manufacturing chemicals, pharmaceuticals or explosives, storing chemicals in bulk
    • Waste - incinerating waste, operating landfills, recovering waste
    • Solvents - using solvents
    • Other - manufacturing paper, pulp and board, treating timber products, coating, treating textiles and printing, manufacturing new tyres, intensive pig and poultry farming
  • Air quality and emissions
  • Public space protection orders
  • Avoiding complaints
  • Preventing any enforcement action.
  • Noise pollution - offering advice on any event that makes a noise, along with ‘Matron’ systems that knock out the sound when it goes above the legal limit for the area its played in

There is more information environmental permits on your local council’s website.

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