Be The Business

Britain’s businesses aren’t as productive as other companies in Europe and around the world. For every hour spent at work, we make 20% less than a company in Germany.

To address this, leaders of some of Britain’s best known businesses have joined forces to make our businesses more effective & competitive.

Be The Business aims to inform, educate and collaborate with the businesses of Britain to restore us to the forefront of business performance worldwide.

Area Served: Bristol, BANES, North Somerset, South Glos
Founded: 2017

Productivity is vital. Yet the UK’s productivity trajectory is flat – so now it’s time for action. By building a dynamic movement involving thousands of businesses we could add as much as £130bn in Gross Value Added (GVA) to the UK economy each year.

Productivity drives growth as well as increasing social prosperity and improving living standards, but Britain never recovered from the global crisis and recession that followed. Now the turbulence following the vote to leave the EU risks even more economic uncertainty. If productivity growth was important before the Brexit vote, it is crucial now.



Mentoring for Growth

Matching British SME leaders with an experienced business mentor to help them through expansion and improvement challenges is at the forefront of the Be the Business Mentoring for Growth programme.

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