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Bath Spa University's Job Shop helps all students find jobs in the local area, including jobs available on campus. As a business you can promote your vacancies and recruit skilled resources.

Cost Explanation: Recruitment agencies can advertise an unlimited amount of vacancies via the Job Shop for a small fee. Costs vary subject to client requirements

Bath Spa University has approximately 8,000 students with 80% working part-time whilst they study.

The Job Shop is a free service for all students and employers. Once signed up, recruiters can advertise job/volunteering opportunities, internships and placements. Positions are actively supported through regular promotion to relevant students. Additionally, the university can arrange 'Meet the Employer' events for companies to present to students, as well as interview facilities on campus if required. The employer will also become part of the university’s business network, receiving a regular newsletter as well as invites to networking events. Recruitment agencies can advertise an unlimited amount of vacancies via the Job Shop for a small fee.

In order to advertise a vacancy, employers must meet the national minimum wage requirement and adhere to the university’s Job Shop Code of Practice. The university recommends that full-time students work no more than 15 hours per week during term time to ensure a healthy work/study balance is met.

The majority of international students that are on a tier 4 visa will not be able to exceed 20 hours of work per week during term time (in vacation periods, full-time hours can be worked). If a student is taking a course that doesn’t have allocated vacation periods (e.g. postgraduates) then the 20 hour rule applies all year round.

The Job Shop team is on hand to help guide and support employers and international students regarding their individual visa working rights.


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